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We provide remote technical support services.


Our technician will connect to your device over the Internet using encrypted connection. The technician will be able to analyze, isolate and  and provide the service you requested. It can be simple new printer installation or more advanced networking setup

The majority of technology support needs can be addressed remotelycepвиcныe ycлyги пo oбcлyживaнию устройства.


It can be stand alone Personal Computer, notebook, ultrabook, netbook, tablets and other devices. A technician can diagnose and analyze of the status of your computer and its parts. With remote diagnostics our technician can detect computer parts malfunctions or software problems and fix it.




If the service you are looking for is not listed please call us +1-855-807-0777

You may also contact us via Skype (chat only), Chat window in lower right corner or email. Please visit "Contacts" page for details

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