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Individual subscription (up to 2 devices)

6   months support

12 months support


Family subscription (up to 5 devices)

6   months support

12 months support

Prices for on demand services:

Please contact us to receive precise quote or if you have any questions or the service you are looking for is not listed here


You may also combine multiple service items and get a discount.


$ 170

$ 40

$ 60

$ 110

Virus, malware, adware and other

badware removal

$ 10

Creating one system backup copy on

Customer's media (1)

$ 10

Office, graphics or other software packages installation and configuration

(up to 3 packages) (2)

$ 10

Unused or unnecessary software

uninstallation (up to 10)

$ 10

New equipment driver instalation and configuration (printer, scanner, photo or videocamera, etc) (up to 2 devices):


$ 20

File(s), accounts and settings transfer to another/new computer


$ 15

Password reset and accounts access recovery assistance  (Email, social networks, etc)


* Using operating system builtin tools (e.g. Windows Backup) or by using third party backup software. Third party backup software must be purchased separately. We will assist with installing such software at no additional cost.


** The customer must provide installation media and must have the license or activation keys for installed software. For downloadable software (for example Microsoft Office 365) we will provide assistance with downloading and installing at not additional cost.